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پنجشنبه 10 دی 1388

hi friends

پنجشنبه 10 دی 1388

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hi friends
this semester's class had finished and our final exams will start this Sunday until 7th of Bahman

Best wishes for all of you

شنبه 28 آذر 1388


شنبه 28 آذر 1388

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"Did you know I had taken up story –writing as a career?"

"No, sold anything yet?"

"Yes, my watch, my saxophone and my overcoat."



"My daughter has arranged a little piece for the piano"

"Good it's about time we had a little peace!"



"Why you go on the balcony when I sing? Don’t you like to hear me?"

"It isn't that I want the neighbors to see that I'm not beating my wife."


"My wife used to play the piano a lot, but since the children came she doesn't have time."

"Children are comfort, aren't they?"


"If Shakespeare were here  today he would be looked on as a remarkable man."

"yes , he'd be more than 300 years old."


Critic: "your work seems a little raw."

Poet: "It oughtn't to be. It's been roasted enough."




شنبه 28 آذر 1388


شنبه 28 آذر 1388

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roads are leading to nowhere

my heart goes on however

feeling cold as Ice Mountains

just sun melts me forever

                                                                                                       By Azy



پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388


پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388

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1. - " was it hot where you spend your vacation last summer?"

-" terrible , and no trees ! we took turns sitting in each other's shadow !"

2. A farmer and his wife from the country were in London for the 1st time. they saw in the window of a restaurant:

" lunch 12 until 2  -40p"

" come on , Mary, " said the farmer "that's not expensive. we can sit there and eat for 2 hours for 40pence."

3. "once a friend of mine and I agreed that it would be helpful for each of us to tell the other all our faults."

" How did it work?"

" we haven't spoken for 5 years"

4."Why is it Bob," asked George of a very stout friend, " that you fat fellow are always good natured?"

" We have to be, " answered Bob " You see,we can't either fight or run."

5.-" I have just heard that my sister has a baby.they don't say what sex and so I don't know whether I am an uncle or aunt."

6. -"yes my dear , I have lost Azor ,my precios little dog!"

"but you must put an advertisement in the papers!"

"the poor little pet can't read!'

پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388

new idioms

پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388

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Hi friends. Here are some good idioms that might be used in different situations.

I hope they'd be helpful.

1. Get a grip ! = get control of yourself 
  /You've got to get a grip of yourself in front of strangers./

2. Go off the deep end= to become upset and irrational
  /My boss went off the deep end because I was late again./

3. Go off the deep end = to become crazy
  /After his wife died he went off the deep end an he lost his memory./

4. Not to have a prayer = to have no possibility of success in sth.
  /You dont have prayer of beating Andy at chess./

5. To have a [good] shot at sth = to have a possibility at success in sth.
  /Don't you think Dan has a shot at getting the job?
  - Yes his uncle is his boss's friend./

6. Talk sb into sth = to convince to do sth.
  /You talked me into it by giving me acceptable reason. I'll give you one more chance to take the test again./

پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388

this week's story

پنجشنبه 19 آذر 1388

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نویسنده :T Mofidi

New Beginnings
    My sister and I were not exactly what you would call close. I was 3 years younger and I  thought she walked on water everything she did was perfect and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up . If she wore her hair in twin braids with a pink clip one  day , the next day I wore mine exactly the same way . I used follow her and her friends around , begging to be included , but there isnt  much room in a 13-year-old s lif for a pesky 10-year-old sister . As a result , over time , my worship of her became indiffrence. We
were strangers living in the same house, eating together but never communicating.
    So when she sat me down last year and told me sha had be going to Israel to study abroad for 10 month , I was not too concerned .I figured I would get to wear the clothes she left behind and useher CD player. That was the only way I thought her living would affect me.
    The 1st night after she left ,I couldnt shake the feeling that something was wrong , sth was missing. The house was too quiet. No Tova's CD playerand no Tova's voice giggling on the phone with her friends.Sitting there , I realized just how different it was without her in the house. Even thogh we didn't always speak
, I had felt safe just knowing she was near.
    I cried that night. I cried over all the years we had wasted trying to live our own lives and ignoring each other's. I cried that I couldn't even give her a hug before she boarded her plane . But as the night wore on, my tears changed to tears of calm , tears of new biginnings.
    I piked up the phone and called her halfway across the world .I waited for her to pik up , my dubts growing with every second.
    "Hello?" her voice soundedas though it came from nearby and not Isreal.
    "hey Tova . it's me Sara. I just called to tell you I love you " my wors came out ina rush. I knew that if I stopped in the middle , I wouldn't have the courage to continue." I know we aren't as close as some sisters , but that doesn't mean I'm not missing you a tone."
    for a long time ther was only silence on the other end . Finally she spoke " I've been sitting here , all alone , thinking about you guys back home" she said " your voice makes me feel though I'm right therewith you" and before she hung up she said,very quickly just as I had " I love you too"
    I'm countingdown the days until my sister returns home , so I can give her the hug I never gave her when she left and say " I'm so glad to have you home."
    SOURCE: Chicken soup for the teenage soul IV

جمعه 13 آذر 1388

Every week one story will presented

جمعه 13 آذر 1388

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نویسنده :T Mofidi

A long walk home

    I  grew up in south of Spain in a little community called Estepona.I was 16 when one morning , my father told me I could drive him into a remote village called Mijas about 18 miles away , on the condition that I take the car in to be serviced at a nearby garage. Having just learned to drive and hardly ever having the opportunity to use the car , I readily accepted . I drove dad into Mijas and promised to pick him up at 4 p.m., then drove to a nearby garage and dropped off the car. Because I had a few hours to spare ,I decided to catch a couple of movies at a theater near the garage. However ,I became so immersed in the film that I completely lost track of time.When the last movie had finished ,I looked down at my watch. It was six o clock. I was 2 hours late!

    I knew dad would be angry if he found out I had been watching movies. He had never let me drive again I decided to tell him that the car needed some repairs and that they had taken longer than had been expected. I drove up to the place where we had planned to meet and saw dad waiting patiently on the corner . I apologized for being late and told him that Id come as quickly as I could , but the car had needed some major repairs . I ll never forget the look he gave me .

"Im disappointed that you feel you have to lie to me Jason."

" what do you mean? Im telling the truth."

    Dad looked at me again " when you did not show up , I called the garage to ask if there were any problems, and they told me that you had not yet picked up the car " A rush of guilt ran through me as I feebly confessed to my trip to the movie theater and the real reason for my tardiness. Dad listened intently as a sadness passed through him.

    " Im angry , not with you but with myself. You see ,I realize that I have failedas a father if after all these years you fell that you have to lie to me . I have failed because I have brought up a son who cannot even tell the truth to his  own father. I m going to walk home now and contemplate where I have gone wrong all these years "

    " But dad it is 18 miles to home . it is dark. You cannot walk home "

    My protests , my apologies , and the rest of my utterances were useless. I had let my father down and I was about to learn one of the most painful lessons of my life . dad began walking along the dusty roads. I quickly jumped in the car and followed behind , hoping he would relent . I pleaded all the way , telling him how sorry I was , but he simply ignored me , continuing on silently , thoughtfully and painfully . for 18 miles  I drove behind him ,averaging about five miles per hour.

    Seeing my father in so much physical and emotionah pain was the most distressing and painful experience that I have ever faced . however , it was also the most successful lesson . I have never lied to him since

Source: chicken soup for the teenage soul

جمعه 13 آذر 1388


جمعه 13 آذر 1388

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"A true soul need not hide his thoughts."

"No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it."

Marriage is a great institution, but who wants to live in an institution?

He who awaits much can expect little.

A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak.

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

new qoutations are in  ادمه مطالب

ادامه مطلب

جمعه 13 آذر 1388


جمعه 13 آذر 1388

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All is for the best

Appearences are deceptive.

Art is long life is short.

All good things come to an end .

As you sow so shall you reap

Ask no questions and be told no lies.

you can read other proverbs in ادامه مطالب

ادامه مطلب

جمعه 13 آذر 1388

Every week with 6 the american jokes from English jokes

جمعه 13 آذر 1388

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1. – when I see you I always think of Smith

- but Im not in the least like Smith

- oh yes . you both owe me 1000$

2. – since he lost his money half of his friends don’t know him any more.

- and the other half?

-they don’t know yet that he has lost it.

3. – you say he left no money !

- no . you see he lost his health getting wealthy  and then lost his wealth trying to get healthy.

4. – where is that beautiful canary bird of yours that used to sing so clearly and sweetly?

- I had to sell him my son left the cage on the radio set and he learned static.

5. The bored youth turned to his partner at a dinner party : who is that strange-looking man over there who is stared at me so much?
- oh that’s professor Jenkins . she replied brightly : you know , the famous expert on insanity.

6. were any of your boyish ambitions ever realized?

- yes when my mom used to cut my hair I often wished I might be bald-headed.


جمعه 13 آذر 1388

Every week with 6 idioms and examples from street talk 3

جمعه 13 آذر 1388

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نویسنده :T Mofidi

Hi. Here are some Idioms that could be used often.

1. blow sth out of proportion = to exaggerate


2. to make sh into a bigger deal than it is = to exaggerate

3. break out in a cold sweat = to begin perpiring suddenly due to great fear or anxiety

4. carry a tune = said of sb who is able to sing on pitch

5. to give sb a  fair shake = to give sb the same treatment as you would give to others

6. get a hold of oneself = to get control of one s emotions

Examples :

1.sam and julie had a little disagreement . the way you told me about it , I thought they were going to get divorced ! you sure have a tendency to exaggerate.

2. why are you getting  so upset  just because  Im two minutes late ? you are making this into bigger deal than it is.

3. when I heard abut the earthquake near my parent s house , I broke out in a cold sweat .

4. Im not really a singer but at least  I can carry a tune!

5. Do you think the jury will give the defendant a fair shake?

6. Get a hold of yourself ! I have never seen you so upset before !


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