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English In Use
جمعه 6 فروردین 1389

Hope to be free

جمعه 6 فروردین 1389

نوع مطلب :
نویسنده :T Mofidi

frightened of Evil, sticking to your love
though in the cage, still, as bird as a dove

tried breaking the cage, need some more power
even among hard rocks, can grow a flower

even if there's no chance for me to fly away
if I can see the sky, I'd have a hope to stay

nothing makes me hopeless, nothing makes me sad
so long as there's the sun, it won't force me mad

looking forward a day that I'm a rescued man
it makes me more eager, to fight until i can

you know why I told you about a rescued man
for if you don't rescue, how can I really can

my life is in your hands, that's why I feel so soft
you can play with it, my soul will then aloft

it doesn't matter if you even tease my heart
do whatever you want, but don't, please, depart

I'd better keep this life, or I'll lose your love
and if I lose your love, whom I can be sure of

                                                                                                       By Azy

پنجشنبه 5 فروردین 1389

Jack C. Richard's Article On English Learning

پنجشنبه 5 فروردین 1389

نوع مطلب :
نویسنده :T Mofidi

Hello Friends...
What have you been up to in Noruz. I hope you'll have a great time till the last moment of it. Today I'm going to put here an article from Jack C. Richard whom I'm sure you all know, the author of Interchange Books.

Anyway, I found this article very very interesting. It's about 20 pages and I know it's difficult for you but make sure you read at least the headlines and titles. It's really effective and informative about your English learning.
He has pointed out some key information for people who want to learn English.
I hope you enjoy it. I did however.

This article is in PDF format and the size is about 114 KB. So it may take a while to load. Be patient

To see the article Click Here

یکشنبه 1 فروردین 1389

hiiiii friends

یکشنبه 1 فروردین 1389

نوع مطلب :
نویسنده :T Mofidi

happy new year